Upcoming Volunteer Events for Edgemoor

Our neighborhood has many civic functions upcoming once again for 2013, we hope you’ll get involved and be a part of the efforts to strengthen our community and our neighborhood bond. It’s a great time to share a bit of fun and camaraderie as well as gaining a great sense of community!

There are several categories that continue to evolve and will be our focus for 2013, plus any requests that come directly from the city that have direct baring on/from our neighborhood. With times being what they are, we’re all going to have to do our part if we want to keep our neighborhood looking it’s best, along with a sense of pride of accomplishment and helping our neighbors – it’s nourishment for the soul.

Specific dates will be posted as we get closer to the even

To get involved or for more information, contact Richard Kirby (president of our association) or RichardKirby@myedgemoorneighborhood.com.

For more City wide volunteer events go to ICAN (Involved Citizens Active In Neighborhoods.)

Don’t forget to check out our Blog page ENA Photos to view photos of recent events and activities your neighbors are involved in!

Volunteer Events

1.  CareFest Event, Saturday September 28, 2013, Drains to the Bay

Drains to the Bay storm drain marking kits provide covers for our storm drains informing everyone as to the environmental impact of what goes into the drains. The kits will be distributed by the City and a volunteer team will distribute them accordingly. We will meet Triangle Park located on 58th Ave & Woodrow Wilson Blvd in Edgemoor at 7:45am this Sat., Sept. 28. No need to bring anything – everything including gloves, materials, and water will be provided. If you can, we would love an RSVP before hand so we can have a basic head count. City info on Storm Drain Kits. Contact Richard Kirby for more info or to volunteer.

CareFest is an ongoing event, where our neighborhood association assists a family or person in need and assists them with yard care, groceries, house maintenance or whatever their specific need might be, we will address these special situations as they present themselves and will notify those volunteers on the list for CareFest events at the appropriate time. For more info on CareFest city-wide events go to: www.stpete.org

2.  Adopt-A-Park

This is also an ongoing event where volunteers for this activity perform routine maintenance and observations of activity in the parks to keep our parks safe and clean, if you’re interested in becoming involved please contact our association president Richard Kirby or RichardKirby@myedgemoorneighborhood.com.

3.  Edgemoor Estuary/Waterway Project (formerly Coastal Clean-Up)

Some great news has developed this year for the waterway’s that meander in parts of our neighborhood. The Cousteau Society recently named the Canterbury School of Florida as the first Cousteau Divers School in the world. With the increased involvement of the Cousteau Society right here in the Tampa Bay area, there exists a prospect for a new type of museum, one dedicated to Jacques Cousteau’s legacy of Marine studies and oceanic conservation. For more info check out Cousteau St. Petersburg website.

Students will be participating on a monthly basis in monitoring and testing the water quality of it’s many canals along with ongoing cleanup as they study our estuary systems. We welcome their efforts!

Canterbury School news links about Cousteau Partnership:   Marine Studies, First Open Water Dive, Cousteau Center

For additional info about the conservation of our waterways, see the Tampa Bay Estuary Program website.

4.  Neighborhood Clean Ups – April 18 & 19 and October 17 & 18, 2015

The annual Edgemoor cleanup project is back! Starting in 2015, there will now be a Spring Cleanup added. This year, the city will provide 4 large dumpster’s strategically placed in the neighborhood to allow residents to get rid of large unwanted items, free of charge.  It’s a great time to clean out the garage! Dumpster locations to date will be Triangle Park – 3 dumpster’s at 58th Ave. NE & Woodrow Wilson (Triangle Park) and 1 at CVS 4th St & 54th Ave. at Palm Court- CVS dumpster will be located in the lot behind the store. Click here for neighborhood map. If you have special needs, we can arrange assistance or for more information/questions email Richard Kirby or RichardKirby@myedgemoorneighborhood.com.

5.  Scrubbin’ Da’ Burg

This will be a miscellaneous event where the Edgemoor neighbors identify any project that interests us that helps improve our community or city. There are no specific projects’s which have been identified yet, but will be discussed at future monthly meetings. Your suggestions are welcome!

2017 Meetings

Monthly Association meets at 6pm at the Canterbury School on 62nd Ave. N, or as listed below:

January 17
February 13 Social - TBA
March 21
April 17 Social - TBA
May 16
June - no meeting
July 18
August 14 Social - TBA
September 19
October 16 Social - TBA
November 21
December - no meeting

To contact a specific board member or our web administrator you may also use the Board Members page or the links below.

President:  Richard Kirby
Vice President:  Tom DeMint
Treasurer:  Volunteer position currently open
Secretary:  Gail Coppens
Web Administrator:  Web Admin