June 29, 2011 in a quasi on-the-fly operation we removed all the old Edgemoor Neighborhood signs, in preparation for the new signs which are scheduled to be installed by the city the week of July 4.  Yes, sad but true, the old duck signs are no more. Our neighborhood hero’s today were Tom, Paul, Doug, Haydon, Richard and Carolyn. It was stifling hot but we had a good many laughs (mostly at the duck’s expense) and our deed was done!  Have a great 4th of July weekend everybody!!!

For the record, the new sign locations are as follows:

  • Foch St. & 62nd Ave. NE (former sign location)
  • 1st St. NE & Hampton
  • 1st St. NE & 55th Ave.
  • 4th St. & 62nd Ave. (former sign location)
  • Madison & 62nd Ave.
  • SW Blvd. & MLK
  • 54th Ave. NE & Atlantic (former sign location – to be a new double-sided sign)

Boundary map of our community:

neighborhood map