Just kidding.  I want to start testing the blog.  For those that have registered, which gives you ‘Author’ status to create your own posts, it would be helpful if we start experimenting with creating posts and posting comments, to validate functionality and to help me work out the kinks going forward.  I thank you for your time and patience as we get up and running.  So give it a go, post a comment or be really adventurous and create your own post!  I can remove these testing posts in the future so don’t worry about perpetuity.  You can ignore the CloudApp below, it’s going away shortly in lieu of a future Tag Cloud app. 

You always want to use (on the right side-bar) the Post Tag when you create a new post – this is a field that let’s you use one or several words, seperated by commas, describing your post.  This enables us to build the Tag Cloud app which will appear on the main page of the blog on the right-hand side-bar.  Tag Clouds are really cool, though our’s is not up and running yet, it will be shortly.  The ‘Tag Cloud’ shows users what others are searching most on our Blog.  Here’s what Tag Clouds look like  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tag_cloud