I was fairly remiss with my Technocracy posts last year. As I strive to do better in 2013, it’s always best to clear out the old and ring in the new. Here is a culmination of my file that didn’t make it to the blog last year, but nevertheless are some good all around articles and links for one of those nights where you can’t sleep. Enjoy…

Guard That Password, a MUST read for anyone using passwords on the internet.

For those of you who like to follow some fairly descent tech pages in the press and web, here are a few of my favs. Most of these sites also have a good ‘archives’ feature where you can search for topics of interest.
Walt Mossberg’s (of the WSJ) All Things D
John Torro (TBT) Solutions
Randall Stross (NYT) Bits Blog from Digital Domain/Business Day – Technology

Shortie, Personal info tapped with an app
Shortie, Android users a prime target for malware
Forbes, Six Simple Online Security Mistakes You’re Probably Already Making
Star Tribune, How to Avoid Getting More Spam Email
NYT, Leaky Web Sites, ik
Focus on internet privacy issues, Electronic Frontier Foundation
How much date are they compiling? Consumer Data, but Not for Consumers
And if you want to get really ‘creeped out’ about data compilation, read Wired’s, Inside the Matrix

A word about those sneaky browser ‘toolbars’ everyone seems to be embedding in their software updates/downloads of late. A word to the wise, don’t do it! These allegedly helpful toolbars wreak nothing but havoc and make you a magnet for spyware and tracking programs and can even be malicious. Any time you are installing updates or programs, read the information in those pop-up boxes as you go through the step by step installations, and uncheck any boxes for toolbars. If you already have unwanted toolbars on your browser bar, first determine whose toolbar it is, Yahoo, Google, whoever, then go into your Control Panel, find the Add/Remove Programs icon and search the list for that toolbar program/s and uninstall them – you can do this last step now even if you presently have no unwanted toolbars attached to your browser/s bar. Uninstall toolbars for IE.

And I leave you with The Joy of Quiet in our tech-crazy world.

Happy trails until next time in Technocracy.