Sorry for the second interuption today, I’m re-posting from March 16, 2011 which was my original testing post:

Greetings Everyone,

I just activated a new plug-in on our WordPress blog that should notify everyone each time there is a new blog posting.

If a few of the kind and adventurous people that have so far registered wouldn’t mind posting a comment to this post to let me know that you received a notification, that would help me tremendously to debug.  Is that redundant or what? 

You can easily opt-out of this feature if you do not wish to receive these notifications. Log-in on the WP blog page, on your Dashboard to the left look for Profile, under Profile there is now a new setting called Post Notifier, click on that and just check the box. Done. You won’t receive any further notifications.

As a registered WP Blogger you have automatic status as an author, which allows you to create your own posts rather than having to sit on the sidelines just reading other posts, or only being able to comment. This new notification feature will also need to be tested to see how notifications work for an Author’s post. Anyone willing to create a post? Don’t forget your ‘tag’ on the new post screen at the bottom right – you can use the drop down list for existing tags and choose ‘testing’ or, if you’re creating a totally new post about a new subject feel free to creat (then click add) a new ‘tag’ for our tag cloud.

I appreciate everyone’s patience while we work out the kinks in WordPress, but I’ll need some participation from registered users in order to test some of these features and make improvements.

I look forward to your comments, posts or suggestions and thanks again for your patience.