We had an outstanding first meeting of the new year, in case you missed it here are a few highlights. A date has been set for this year’s annual family picnic, April 13th, and several ‘themes’ are being discussed for this year’s event. A great deal of planning and volunteer efforts, without which this event would not be possible, go into this event, so anyone with ideas, suggestions or those who may wish to throw their hats into the volunteer ring are always welcome, just contact our president, Richard Kirby or  richardkirby@myedgemoorneighborhood.com.

Dates have also been set for this year’s annual weekend neighborhood clean up, October 19th & 20th.

A neighborhood ‘social’ night has also been planned for Monday, February 18th from 5:30pm to 7pm at Paisano’s, 6000 4th Street N, please feel free to join us for a bite to eat and/or libations.

And for those interested in spending an evening with Mayor Foster, the Mayor’s Night Out calendar is now available. All are welcome to attend any of the meetings they would like, city representatives are also on hand  to meet with you and address your questions or concerns about our fair city.

Our monthly St. Pete Police representative was also kind enough to share a new addition to the police website. There is now an online form that can be used to file complaints that aren’t  emergency 911 calls or those that do not require the presence of an officer, but are for those situations where you wish to file a complaint for the ‘record’ such as minor vandalism, lost property and so forth. St. Pete Online Reporting.

Hope you can join us for next month’s meeting or the Edgemoor social night out. Have a great month everyone!

We look forward to your input, and don’t forget, you don’t have to register to post comments!