Hello Neighbors!
It’s that time of year again!  The weather is cool and Edgemoor is ready for a new year of activities!  We enjoyed meeting many of you at our last meeting and are looking forward to seeing you all again.  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules and becoming involved in your neighborhood.  On behalf on the entire ENA board we welcome you.
 Our next meeting is on Jan. 18th at 6pm The Canterbury board has agreed to allow us to continue the use of their board room for this years meetings.  ENA is extremely grateful for their support.
2011 will prove to be an exciting year for Edgemoor.  In order to qualify for new sign grants Edgemoor has agreed to put every effort possible to participate in and organize several new neighborhood improvement projects.  All of these projects are positive for Edgemoor and it’s residents.  Here are a list of the top 5 we will be focusing on:
Adopt A Park – Caring for our local parks
Care Fest – Helping a Edgemoor Resident
Coastal Cleanup – Canal and local pond cleaning up project & cook out
Neighborhood Cleanup – Neighborhood wide cleanup project ( great time to clean out garage )
Scruubin Da Burg – Identify area of Edgemoor that can use attention and improve it
Family Fun Day – Cook out and family games at the park
If you are interested in participating or organizing one of these projects, please e-mail Tom DeMint @ tjd1@aol.com for more information.   We will be outlining the dates and new committees at this next meeting!
Edgemoor is a growing neighborhood association and we are thankful for each member and thankful for your time.  Please consider helping ENA grow by inviting a neighbor or someone else in our neighborhood that has not been to a meeting yet.  Word of mouth is our strongest way of letting other’s know we are here for them.  We can help residents with code issues, safety concerns, speeding, crime prevention, and many other resident concerns.  Other helpful ways of getting updates and information about Edgemoor are:
www.facebook.com  ( then just do a search for Edgemoor Neighborhood )
See you Next Tuesday!
Make it a great day!
Tom DeMint
Edgemoor Neighborhood Association