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Next meeting: Tuesday, Januray 20, 2015 6pm
at Canterbury School on 62nd Ave. N

Stay tuned for our 2015 Social meeting schedule.

New Pier Designs


Perhaps we will have a better outcome this time around.

New Pier Designs

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Downtown Waterfront Master Plan – Project Update January 2015

To date, the City’s Downtown Waterfront Master Plan (DWMP) team has conducted more than 45 meetings and events with about 600 participants. In Phase I, the DWMP team listened to community input, held stakeholder meetings with sustainability and climate change experts, a social equity and diversity group, the business community, and port, marina, and airport leaders, and others.

In Phase II, five themes were presented and validated by the community. Under those themes, many starter ideas for the downtown waterfront were presented. Some ideas were to address baseline needs, such as parkland and vista preservation, and others were more transformative, such as creating a Bayboro Collaboration Zone including the Port, Airport, USFSP, and other institutions. The City’s Downtown Waterfront Master Plan (DWMP) project is now entering Phase III of four Phases.

A 4-day workshop for testing and refining ideas for the DWMP will be held January 26 – 29. The DWMP team needs your continued feedback and collaboration. Please plan to attend all three public events:

Monday, January 26 at 6:30 pm
The DWMP team will give a presentation and work with participants on refining master plan elements;

Wednesday, January 28 from 4-7 pm
An open house will be held where the public may view work in progress and talk to the team in an informal setting; and

Thursday, January 29 at 6:30 pm
Presentation of programmatic design and implementation approaches that will help form the draft master plan document (Phase IV).

All events are being held at the USFSP Harbor Hall (former Dali Museum) 1000 3rd Street South. Shortcut to latest November 13, 2014 presentation with “starter ideas”: Master Plan .pdf

Digital town hall:

Please forward information to your neighbors and business contacts, encourage them to sign up on line for updates and attend events. 

Christmas Trees and More

It's not too late!

Great place to purchase a tree and other holiday items, the old time popcorn is awesome too!

Happy holidays to you and yours!

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Edgemoor November Notes

November 18 meeting will have guest speaker on downtown Pier plans

First off, the annual Clean Up on October 18th & 19th was a huge success! Last year our total collection was 9+ tons, this years total was 11+ tons. It is rumored that our neighborhood set the record for all the neighborhoods in the city for the most tonnage collected in one weekend! In light of that success, the City has given us the option of doing the Clean Up twice per year - April and October.

Feel free to add your input on the Clean Up event or any other neighborhood project you would like to see Edgemoor undertake, you can use our Contact Us form or send your thoughts and comments directly to our president, Richard Kirby (see link below).

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We will have a special guest speaker at the November 18th meeting from the Ah Ha Design Group, one of the 8 finalists selected to design our new downtown pier. They are seeking the communities input as to what the folks in St. Pete would like to see incorporated in the design of the new Pier. We look forward to hearing their ideas as well.

What 16 Design Teams Want To Do
City Council Keeping Tabs on Pier Process
New Study Reiterates Viability of Inverted Pyramid


If you need more information/questions email Richard Kirby or



New BlueWays Canoe & Kayak Trails Launch Site

Puryear Park canoe and kayak launch site is now officially part of the BlueWays Trail

If you're a canoeing/kayaking fan you're in luck, you now have a launch site right in your neighborhood, how awesome is that?
Here is more information about the City sponsored BlueWays Trails

If you need more information/questions email Richard Kirby or

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PSA from the City of St. Pete

St. Pete Free Clinic - Food, Shelter and Healthcare Resource

If you or someone you know needs help, this is a great source for multiple organizations and special events.

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