Neighborhood Address Curb Painting

We are currently collecting names and address for those of you wishing to participate in our curb-painting endeavour. We have been waiting for better weather conditions and we should be getting started shortly. You will be contacted with a painting date very soon.

Beginning in September 2011, and upon more favorable painting conditions, the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association and it's ever growing list of volunteers, will be offering all residents the opportunity to have your address numbers painted on the curb of your residence, with reflective metalic paint of course. This safety measure will allow emergency responder's to more easily locate your home in the event of an emergency and possibly save your life. Retired fireman and lifetime resident, Paul Kubula, will be a lead volunteer and adviser on this project. A small donation of $10 (or more if you're feeling generous, though not mandatory) to the neighborhood association, to cover the cost of materials, is greatly appreciated.

To schedule the number painting of your address, or volunteer to help out with this ongoing effort, contact Tom DeMint ( or phone 727.647.4239

As some of you may know, our neighborhood association collects no monthly or annual fees, and we're happy about that. But from time to time, the association incurs costs of doing business for the betterment of the Edgemoor community and it's residents. Some of the small costs we incur are for flyers for special events for instance, or the hosting costs to carry this website. In some cases, local businesses make donations for which they are given acknowledgement on our Business Partner's web page and we hope you'll support them in the future. In order to keep some of these endeavors going and maintain our small budget we have come up with an idea to help us along, and it's a great benefit for the neighborhood.

One of the ways we've come up with that benefits everyone is to do curbside reflective numbering for a small donation of $10 to our neighborhood association. We have volunteers that were kind enough to offer to do the painting (we can always use more volunteers!) and funding from our neighborhood association budget will be supplying the materials. There are many safety benefits to having this, as shown in this YouTube video:

Donations are greatly appreciated! To schedule your address painting, or volunteer to help with the Edgemoor safety awareness curbside address painting, email our association president Tom DeMint or phone 727.647.4239 and we'll be happy to get you on the upcoming schedule.